With the arrival of spring here in the mountains of Northern New Mexico, we are quickly approaching the beginning of our 2022 Wedding Season at Log River Ranch! According to Forbes Magazine, 2022 is on track for 2.6 million weddings; the highest number of weddings since 1984. 2020 and 2021 saw cancellations, postponements, elopements and virtual weddings. In Montana, weddings were even held without bride or groom; but rather by proxy stand ins. October still reigns as the most sought after month to wed for the 6th year in a row. Wedding suppliers such as florists and dress makers are working as hard as they can to keep up with the demand. Wedding venues have almost completely booked up for 2022 and it’s only April. At Log River Ranch, we have scheduled our busiest season yet, with a record number of weddings booked for our short season. We have gathered 5 trends that are dominating the 2022 wedding season to share with you.

Barn Wedding
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Big Weddings

After two consecutive years of not celebrating, couples are ready to embrace bigger guest lists and a party mindset. With a renewed sense of hope and excitement, couples are ready to go all out to commemorate their big day. From bespoke cocktails, games and themed weddings, couples are creating ceremonies with a strong emphasis on fun. We plan to see beautiful flower arrangements, ornate decor and elaborate entertainment for guests. “Bigger is better” weddings are definitely a trend in 2022.

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Micro Weddings

While some couples are going big, many are opting for a smaller and more intimate gathering of friends and loved ones. Not being able to spend as much time with those who matter most and social distancing have pushed many couples to the micro wedding experience. Cozy venues with charm and the ability to share the couple’s style and aesthetic with cherished guests is a carryover trend in 2022.

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Destination Weddings

Destination weddings don’t require the uncertainty of International travel anymore. Entering into a more post pandemic feel, destination weddings are more nature based; as we learned during the pandemic, the open air setting can often a safer gathering space. With chic and rustic outdoor ceremonies and glamorous moonlit receptions, couples are recreating the feel of a destination wedding with time spent in sunny, pastoral settings.

Destination Wedding
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The Wedding Weekend

A trend we are loving in 2022 is the Wedding Weekend! Welcome parties, daytime activities (like hiking and fishing or a spa day) preceding the traditional rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, rounded out with a day after brunch; all give the bride and groom additional time to spend with their loved ones making memories.

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Once again, nature is having its moment with weddings. Terra cotta and rust dominate giving the rich focus of being in the picturesque outdoors. Plan to see vibrant colors and bold jewel tones along with colors like sea glass and sage. Bridgerton Blue is new as well. Champagnes and nudes with pearls are also a trend in 2022.

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Create Your Own Trend

No matter what trends are popular, the wedding boom of 2022 is sure to be a special time for so many brides and grooms. The pandemic has taught us to never take for granted the ability to celebrate the beginning of a couple’s new lives together with the ones who matter most. We can’t wait to kick off the 2022 wedding season and to see what our beautiful couples have planned. We encourage couples to be creative and original, and maybe we will be the first to see the start of some new trends, originated at Log River Ranch!

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