7 Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas for Your Wedding

Flowers aren’t for everyone or brides may find themselves looking for ways to add some individuality and personality to their centerpieces. We have compiled our 7 favorite non-floral centerpiece ideas and additions that we think will add beauty and style to your centerpiece, especially at our outdoor wedding venue!

#1 Succulents

Small potted succulents can not only add some beauty and color to your centerpiece but also allows your guests to take home a little gift to remember your beautiful day. Some would consider this a floral centerpiece still, but it provides you with a floral centerpiece to take home and keep for a long time!

#2 Vintage Books

A collection of vintage books work together to create an eclectic, yet thoughtful centerpiece. To complete the look, add some candles and table numbers.

#3 Framed Candid Photos

Share your love journey! Framed candid photos of you and your fiancé dating and adventuring together create a romantic love story for your guests to connect to throughout the evening. This is a great option to have by themselves, or added to any other centerpiece!

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#4 Pinecones and Leaves

Looking for a natural, mountain feel in your decor? Fall leaves with colors of gold, red and neutrals coupled with pinecones give a cozy fall forest feel. We are the perfect mountain venue for this look!

#5 Candles

Candles create a warm romantic vibe that is always elegant and classy. 

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#6 Lanterns

Lanterns are a fun way to add some rustic elegance and substance to your tables. Lanterns coupled with some pine boughs or eucalyptus are a great alternative to traditional flower arrangements.

#7 Antlers

Antlers pair well with many of the above listed ideas, especially the lanterns! Adding some antlers to your centerpieces brings a unique woodsy feeling to your guest’s tables. 

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We hope that this list of non-floral centerpiece ideas inspires you to create centerpieces that truly reflect you and your partner. Many of these ideas are budget friendly and can be fun do-it-yourself ahead of time projects with family or your bridal party.  

If you’ve been inspired by any of these non-floral centerpiece ideas and plan to incorporate one of them at your wedding leave us a comment below!

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